Agumbe Rainforest Research Station
Suralihalla, Agumbe, Thirthahalli Taluk
Shimoga District, Karnataka -577411
Contact Number: 08181-233185



1. Ant diversity of Agumbe
2. Herpetofaunal diversity of central Western Ghats
3. Breeding ecology of the Malabar Crested Lark (Galerida malabarica)
4. Breeding ecology of the Torrent frog (Micrixalus spp)
5. Burrowing ecology of the Giant Forest Scorpions (Genus: Heterometrus)
6. Ecology of the Western Ghat’s Flying Lizard (Draco dussumieri)
7. Effects of fragmentation on hepetofaunal assemblage
8. Effects of land use intensity in Areca catechu plantations on Agamids
9. Golden Frog (Hylarana aurantiaca) microhabitat study
10. Hill-stream ecology
11. Impacts of lopping on bush frog diversity and abundance
12. King cobra radio-telemetry
13. NTFP socio economic survey
14. Roadkill survey of amphibians and reptiles
15. Temporal variations in calling behaviour of bush frogs (Genus – Raorchestes)
16. Thermoregulation and territoriality in Anisopterans (Family: Libellulidae)
17. Sexual dimorphism in Rouxii’s forest lizard (Calotes rouxii)
18. Breeding ecology of Uperodon mormorata


1.    Leaf litter herpetofauna/use of pit-fall traps
2.    Documentation of snake perceptions from locals in and around Agumbe
3.    Monitoring king cobra nests; female movement from and to nest
4.    Seasonal flushing of trees
5.    Areceanut growth in different mediums
6.    Burrow occupancy (by any animal[s]) with large entrances.
7.    Stream velocity/depth monitoring at different sections
8.    Calotes rouxii, C nemoricola; overall biology (nesting seasons, incubation periods, mark-recapture, habitat preferences, etc.)
9.    Disappearing Trimeresurus; where do they go at certain times of (unfavourable) conditions in a year?
10.  VES; along paths in forest for herpetofauna (ground dwelling)
11.   Ecotoxicology related (i.e. endosulphines, i.e. DDT from plantations above base)
12.   Acoustic recordings of vocal herps (amphibians and geckos)
13.   Camera trap video/picture analysis