Agumbe Rainforest Research Station (ARRS) is a permanent field station of the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust | Agumbe is one of the most scenic hill stations in Karnataka Facilitated Research – ARRS
Agumbe Rainforest Research Station
Suralihalla, Agumbe, Thirthahalli Taluk
Shimoga District, Karnataka -577411
Contact Number: 08181-233185

Facilitated Research

Past Projects

1. Inspecting the presence of Chytrid fungus in Amphibians of Western Ghats – Dr. Sanjay Molur, Zoo outreach organization, Delhi

2. Effects of land use intensity on Birds and Amphibians in Western Ghats – Dr. Krithi Karanth, CWS, Bangalore

3. Distribution of moths in Western Ghats – Dino (Ph. D. Student, Punjabi University, Punjab)

4. Bacterial diversity in guts of dragonflies – Ashwin Naidu (JRF, Dr. Deepa Agashe’s Lab, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore)

5. Ecology and distribution of rats Rattus rattus – Amruta Varudkar (Ph. D. Student, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore

6. Spacial vision in honey bees (Apis serana) – Aravin Chakravarthy (Ph. D. Student, LUND University, Sweden)

Ongoing Projects

1. Long term monitoring of Hawk moths (Family – Sphingidae) – Dr. Sanjay Sane, Faculty, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore

2. Human-King Cobra Conflict Mapping and Mitigation.

Planned projects

1. Biomechanics of flight in Western Ghats Flying Lizard (Draco dussumieri) – Pranav Khandelwar (Ph. D. Student, North Carolina University, USA)